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theater: "Memory of the forgotten"

Friday 26 and Saturday 27 November, at 20.00 hours, we present the play Memory of the forgotten and colors, with the collaboration of AREL. The work, written and adapted for the scene by Tecla Martorell, recreates the lives of four women imprisoned in the Oblates' prison. And the only one still shot in a mass grave in the area. The direction is in charge of Joan Pascual, has the music of Ferran Barrios and the protagonist is the actress Rosa Andreu.

Once the Spanish Civil War ended, the Franco regime began a stage of repression among those considered contrary. Thousands of people went into exile, while others suffered all sorts of punishments. Not just control and humiliation, but also trials without any guarantee, deportations, imprisonment and even death.

Four women, the Maria, the Annita, Dolores and Teodora will be tried and sentenced to prison. After, following the policy of dispersal of prisoners of the Francoist machinery, they will be transferred to the convent of the Oblates, to Tarragona, turned into prison. Soles, away from family and enduring harsh conditions, they will end their days buried in the common grave of the cemetery of Tarragona.

theater: Memory of the forgotten

The work has the support of the Tarragona Forum for Memory, which has provided the documentation from which the text was written.

Friday 26 you can see the play Memory of the forgotten in Catalan and Saturday 27, Spanish. However, always on stage at the Robert Krieps de Neimënster room. Tickets are already on sale. You can purchase them at the page of Neimënster at the price of 20 euros (9 for children 26 years). As usual, will apply on protocol CovidCheck.

Memory of the forgotten

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