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Conference-concert on Xesco Boix

On the first weekend in December, we present two activities around Xesco Boix. Specifically,, Saturday 4, evening, our venue will host a conference-concert on Xesco Boix. On the other band, Sunday 5, in the afternoon, we will have a Chocolate and Tales in person at the venue.

This year, the children's singer-songwriter and animator Xesco Boix would have done 75 years this February. To remember him and pay him a much-needed tribute, there have been several activities everywhere, including a Chocolate and Tales virtual organtizat, others, pel CCL. However, we considered that this almost legendary figure deserved much more and now that the conditions allow it we organize two face-to-face activities to complete.

Conference-concert on Xesco Boix

Therefore, Saturday 4, at 19.30 al local, the regular contributors to our Chocolate and Tales, Noah Rivas and Angel Daban, they will present a conference-concert that will allow us to remember or discover Xesco Boix. We couldn't count on anyone better, because they both worked there for a long time and still do children's entertainment today, as you well know if you follow ours Chocolate and Tales.

This activity is free but with a reservation required for ours contact address, because the protocol CovidCheck. Reservations are also required if you are unable to come and prefer to zoom in.

Sunday afternoon, we will continue with a Chocolate and Tales very particular.