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theater: "Men" by Sergi Belbel

day 12 and 13 November, at the Sala Carré Traffo, we invite you to see the play Men from Sergi Belbel. The Catalan Center collaborates with the company Aglaya Teatro to present this play by one of the most international contemporary Catalan playwrights.

theater: Men by Sergi Belbel

This comedy about misunderstandings between the sexes and what it means to be a man or a woman today has been adapted by Laura Supervielle, who is also its director and one of the protagonists. Fabiola Sánchez completes the cast, Virginia de Castro, Guadalupe Royan, Patricia rosero, Milena de la Rubia and Ricardo Rojas. You will see the Spanish version, with French subtitles. And live music, of couse.

The play Men by Sergi Belbel has been touring Catalonia in different versions (with the title in Catalan). All of them have been very successful. On the other band, it has also been translated and exported to different countries.

The ticket price is 15 euros and you can book them at the address

Remember that two weeks later we present a play and colors.