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The demographic evolution in Luxembourg

Thursday 21 in March 19 hours, al local, we invite you to a conference on demographics. Specifically,, the conference carries by title: The demographic evolution in Luxembourg: a country with exponential population growth.

We will raise questions like: what new needs does this situation create? It is being answered? The number of Catalans and Spaniards in Luxembourg is increasing? Because?

With this conference we want to explain in detail the demographic realities and migration dynamics in Luxembourg. There are facts you may know and others you will discover: Luxembourg has seen arrival 100.000 new inhabitants in the latter 5 years. He 80% coming from countries of the Union, the rest from third countries.

L'evolució demogràfica a Luxemburg

The reception structures are prepared for this situation? The labor market will be able to respond to this unstoppable growth of the active population?

The first of January 2023, Luxemburg tenia 660.809 habitants, in other words that is 15.412 more than a 2022 (+2,4%). of 1981 the Luxembourg population has increased by one 81%. People with a non-Luxembourg nationality have become the 26,3% he 1981 to the 47,4% he 2023.

On the other band, the age pyramid has also changed in recent years and young people from 0 a 19 years decrease, while the strip of 40 a 64 years and those over 80 years increase.

Did you know that more than 127.000 Luxembourgers live outside Luxembourg? On? Because?

Did you know that the Spanish population registered at the consulate has passed from 4.161 he 2013 a 7.940 he 2023 (a 91% of increase)? Where do they come from?? Why do they come??

Did you know that the Catalan community registered at the consulate has passed from 452 he 2013 he 1.048 a 2023 (a 148% of increase)?

What are the demographic forecasts for the coming years in Luxembourg?

For all of it, we believe that it is worthwhile for us to try to know a little more about the demographic reality and the population of the country that hosts us and we cordially invite you to take an interest in it.

We will count on Antoni Montserrat Moliner to explain. He is an expert in demographic studies of the Platform Immigration Integration asbl and Member of Analyzes and Studies of the FIEC, International Federation of Associations Catalan. The conference will be free and in Catalan.