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Course on the world of photography

Wednesday 15 d’abril, at 19 hours, we invite you to a course-workshop-club on "The world of photography". We will be accompanied by Carlos Domingo, journalist, photographer and collaborator of the Center.

We live in an age where everyone takes pictures, but they don't suit everyone. Per tant, our idea is to give you some tips to achieve it and, of passing, understand a little how the world of photography works.

Course on the world of photography

Specifically,, we will see basic concepts of the photographic technique. It's about understanding them and knowing how to use them creatively. Besides, we will accompany them with examples of photographs that illustrate the previous concepts. What do photojournalism do technically, the advertising, travel photography, the portrait, etc?

With Carles we will look for creative solutions to improve the photographs we take, both with a conventional camera and with the mobile camera. In fact, we'll see some examples that participants can try right there.

At the end of the course, we will have dinner at the local bread with tomato. The workshop is free, but the dinner has a cost of 10 euros. To make our job easier when planning dinner, We would appreciate it if you signed up by sending an email to Our usual address. However, no registration is required for the workshop.

Carles Domènec is a photographer, journalist and cultural activist. It moves between Mallorca, Barcelona and Luxembourg. He has collaborated with media like La Vanguardia, Last hour and many others. You can see some of his work on his website or on his profile d’Instagram.