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Children from Tarragona at the Place d'Armes

Wednesday 1 June at noon, at the Place d’Armes, the Children from Tarragona they will give us a castle exhibition that promises a lot. They will travel expressly from Catalonia for this activity with the intention of erecting different castles and pillars. They will be many, about two hundred. However, they also need us to make pineapple. As you know, the bigger the pineapple, more spectacular are the castles.

Xiquets de Tarragona a la Place d'Armes

The Castellers' Gang Children from Tarragona has its origin in the year 1881. That year was the first in which a group from Tarragona took off castles under the name Xiquets de Tarragona. modernly, the grouping was refounded on 1970 and is one of the oldest and most prestigious gangs in Catalonia. Their main task is building human castles, a tradition that has been recognized as intangible cultural heritage of humanity by UNESCO. Nowadays, the gang is made up of more than 500 passionate members who dedicate time and effort to preserving and promoting this unique tradition. However, they will travel to Luxembourg “not more” us 200 mattress makers. L’any 2014 they became extra range gang after downloading the 2 from 9 with lining and handles.

For this activity we have the collaboration of the Generalitat, of the Tarragona City Council and Provincial Council, from the Spanish Embassy in Luxembourg and the City of Luxembourg.