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Literary Coffee – We had a hymn at home

Wednesday 26 June, at 19 hours, we will recover the Literary Coffee and we will dedicate it to the novel We had a hymn at home by Maria Clement. we find, then, to the premises to discuss this book and have a coffee (o similar) in good company.

Published by L'Altra publishing house, We had a hymn at home is the second novel by Maria Climent from Amposta. It narrates the lives of three women from a town in the south of Catalonia: the Remedy, la Marga in l'Erne. In fact, it is the three of them who speak and, alternadament, they tell a story where family secrets from the past fit, the uncertainty of the present and future plans. Written in a very lively and oral language, the work has moments of humor, of tension and drama. In other words that is, an ideal text to read together.

We had a hymn at home

Maria Climent is a writer, translator and manager of social networks for several periodicals. He regularly collaborates with the cultural magazine fourteen. His first novel, Gina, was a huge critical success and, above all, of public: reached ten editions, a figure not uncommon in recent Catalan literature.

We have planned two more Wednesdays for the Literary Café: he 2 of October and 27 November. Send us book suggestions that you would like to read and discuss with the reader group.