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Talk (virtual) Rolf de Tarrach sobre el coronavirus

In these strange days, We have occupied a unique theme and all concerned. For this reason, We have prepared a talk with top scientists: Rolf Tarrach. Although it admits not being a subject matter expert, We offer a scientific point of view on all this experience. Obviously, The talk will be online, the first of its kind organized, order to participate from home.

Thursday, 9 d’abril, at 18 hours, So we invite you to a conversation (via Zoom) with

Rolf Tarrach

scientific and Catalan friend Center Luxembourg.

Rolf Tarrach

With a brief intervention, Tarrach teacher will talk about the current situation, uncertainty in the classification of the population (without, affected undetectable, etc) and the measure to have lost lives or years of life lost. It will introduce a discussion where you can ask questions and try to find answers together.

We will send you a link and a password to participate in a virtual meeting. If you are interested, write to our usual address. There is a limit technician 100 participants.

Rector of the University of Luxembourg 2005-2015, Tarrach was president of the European University Association until last year. Among other professional merits, has been Professor of Theoretical Physics at the Universities of Valencia and Barcelona, where he has held numerous academic positions; worked at several universities (of Houston in Sant Petersburg) and has been advisory regarding scientific Generalitat of Catalonia and the Congress. He is a member of the Science and Technology Section of the IEC.