La Regenta

Autor/Autora: Alas, Leopoldo

Data de publicació: 1998

Editorial:Anaya -Spain

Pàgines: 950

ISBN: 9788420634241 Categoria:


With its frank sexuality and searing critique of the Church, “La Regenta” scandalized contemporary Spain when it was first published in 1885. Married to the retired magistrate of Vetusta, Ana Ozores cares deeply for her much older husband but feels stifled by the monotony of her life in the shabby and conservative provincial town. When she embarks on a quest for fulfillment through religion and even adultery, a bitter struggle begins between a powerful priest and a would-be Don Juan for the passionate young womanas body and soul. Spainas answer to “Madame Bovary, La Regenta” wittily depicts the complacent and frivolous world of the upper class.


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